Father I have sinned! The World is coming apart because of me! The world is crumbling down! Power has lost control! Peace is now chaos! Love is now hate!   Father I have sinned! I have seen the rise and set! I have seen Life and Death! I have seen Sanity and Insanity! I have … More Cold-Truth

Luigi The First

When we talk about music we talk of people who make it, when we speak about the art we speak about what it gives and when we speak of Luigi The first we speak of young South African rapper who is still in the midst of the crowds finding his ways in this obnoxious conditions … More Luigi The First

Individualism on top of collectivism

Individualism is often mistaken as selfishness or egoism that doesn’t benefit the collective but the individual, but in actual sense, individualism should be taken as self-resilience. Self-resilience meaning we must be independent of the societal norms or beliefs as we also need individualism, this promotes one to seek personal growth with an open-minded approach to … More Individualism on top of collectivism


    Beneath it all outreaches you! Beneath it, all death is a friend! Beneath it all there is hope There is salvation The is love There is everything!   Agony has found its way to the top the is no reason No one to be blamed Failure is what lurks at my fingertips   … More Consumed


It’s under my skin! It crawls and creeps Under the Skin, It hides Tearing through me like no other things Pain is bliss, pain is a pleasure! The only thing that can get me on the floor The one thing that keeps me awake It takes it all All hope is gone and suddenly it … More IT!


  ‘You know what you have done You know it has only begun Welcome My friend finally you are one of us’   Fear was never a worry But it was our hearts who were wary of all We pretend to be blind where we see truth We presume on our life choices because that … More Doses


  Fear not the danger! Man was born to explore, But to forever find meaning Explore the corners of the world But only to know they are not be found   Blood of the sun peaks the earth! It is the beautiful view of others, Others weep! Love! Regret! and more of its fore-comings!   … More Shelter


Man and Humanity often in feud! Man and Self often in confusion! Man and Reality often in denial! Man and Fantasy often together!   We see it! We hear! We prey for the better us! The slightest to the finest of humanity! We strive and battle ourselves and selfs! We move in different pace each … More Midst!


The howl of dreams Creeps of the vain Veil blood of the bastards Hunger for affection drives them Love steal them Happiness is what they hope to archive     Bleed it dry! Cry to show humanity! Bleed it hard and sour! They are waiting for your rise and fall They are waiting for you … More Subsides!