Father I have sinned! The World is coming apart because of me! The world is crumbling down! Power has lost control! Peace is now chaos! Love is now hate!   Father I have sinned! I have seen the rise and set! I have seen Life and Death! I have seen Sanity and Insanity! I have … More Cold-Truth

Stone Inbalance

“Hope you have seen there is a new path”   It crawls and creeps And never thought it’s for keeps With all its crustiness and crispiness, You have found your way in this mess Seeing it’s not believing Feeling it’s not insurance   Water broke but you stood still Mountains shuttered but firm you stood … More Stone Inbalance


The day is new The habits are Old The day is new The hunger have prolonged for years The day is new But  now you only can move on   We hear them scream We see the burn We hear them crying   In the end we knew this is a new day A new … More Reborn!!

Do or don’t

  Well in my years before varsity I always thought that reading and productivity come before hand but sadly it doesn’t happen in a way we think, things come light before the university start and we tend to dwell in leisure than in work/schedule. Only the few can stick to their guns and that is … More Do or don’t


Remember you only can see yourself You know what you are standing here you know they might not be tomorrow You know I can’t hear you You Know I could be you but I’m not You see me but I cab’t see you I recognize the face so vacant and pale I know you know … More Mirror!

Human Sanity

I was beginning to think I have lost my mind, because shadows surround me all awhile and I couldn’t seem to reach my destination. The shallow seas swallow the unimagined Who else would have imagined? We have lost sense of purpose Who would have thought soullessly? The route has changed but the circumstances are towering … More Human Sanity


Times were changing it was time for reconciliation and honesty Times were changing and we can hear sound at range the sun was at its brightest and the flowers were much more appealing everything is okay yet there is something missing is this it? well i can feel my heart get drawn closer the atmosphere … More Well

The Sage

The dust of fallen stars as dusk strikes the earth’s this is the cries of dying son’s of Cain The bleeding hearts of nations as the man pierce through you chest to reach for your soul   Sense of dawn is much more hoy now you see the truth truth that we aren’t living in … More The Sage