Left to wander

And right to be a blander

The fate of faith!

Failure for a saviour!

All creeps and brick wall suddenly


Behind the closed closet lies a man,

The seer of all

The sea of what’s to come

Prepared or not!

Stolen or not!

Broken or not!

Its a fore of and for nothing!


Blatant silence!

Has occupied the hearts of man

Blatant screamer!

It has only began

Blatant outcry!



Shallow but deep within

It drowned thy whom see!

Thee or thy who sweeps shall scream!


Closed and contained!

Maintained and but obsolete!

It needs saving and meaning

It needs completing and definition

It needs a broker to be understood


A revolution of fiction!

Fiction which evolves to true through self-cogitation!

True yet not taken place!

True yet to be done!

And yet to be!