Beneath it all outreaches you! Beneath it, all death is a friend! Beneath it all there is hope There is salvation The is love There is everything!   Agony has found its way to the top the is no reason No one to be blamed Failure is what lurks at my fingertips   … More Consumed


It’s under my skin! It crawls and creeps Under the Skin, It hides Tearing through me like no other things Pain is bliss, pain is a pleasure! The only thing that can get me on the floor The one thing that keeps me awake It takes it all All hope is gone and suddenly it … More IT!


  Fear not the danger! Man was born to explore, But to forever find meaning Explore the corners of the world But only to know they are not be found   Blood of the sun peaks the earth! It is the beautiful view of others, Others weep! Love! Regret! and more of its fore-comings!   … More Shelter


Man and Humanity often in feud! Man and Self often in confusion! Man and Reality often in denial! Man and Fantasy often together!   We see it! We hear! We prey for the better us! The slightest to the finest of humanity! We strive and battle ourselves and selfs! We move in different pace each … More Midst!

The blogger(pt.8)

The night is young and 26 years old man have no interest going out but he notices some of the neighbours are preparing themselves to go out. Richard is standing on his porch and observing the streets, this time around he is feeling great than ever this one of his brightest days ever but no … More The blogger(pt.8)

The Sage

The dust of fallen stars as dusk strikes the earth’s this is the cries of dying son’s of Cain The bleeding hearts of nations as the man pierce through you chest to reach for your soul   Sense of dawn is much more hoy now you see the truth truth that we aren’t living in … More The Sage


Dusk descended and all I saw was light And people were crying and I was rejoicing The earth opend and then came red light, there I go forth and witness the wild flames of hell and war The time was clear but the people wished it wasn’t I bowed and vowed to torture humans to … More Ill!