It’s under my skin!

It crawls and creeps

Under the Skin, It hides

Tearing through me like no other things

Pain is bliss, pain is a pleasure!

The only thing that can get me on the floor

The one thing that keeps me awake

It takes it all

All hope is gone and suddenly it loses meaning


The thing that they don’t understand

Survival is the only answer

Death is peace

Life is not worthwhile

It turned me into a stone,

A stone turned by the wind

It is not in my right to change it

I feel myself fading into the horizons


Oooh sorrow you are my light

So beautiful and so wonderful

Full of wonders and unexpected turns

Ooow sorrow every second I wish you dead

Ooow sorrow my friend I don’t wanna lose you

OOw sorrow you are my light, show me more

You keep me under your company like no other!

I would hate to lose you!

I would hate to have you!

I Hate to love you!

I hate to hate you!


It doesn’t make sense but I understand you!

I have seen life without you!

It’s full of horror, a happiness I cannot explain!

It’s full of sorrow, wishes that are never kept!


I live to be and to be not each day!

Purpose has become a stranger!

A ship without a captain!

A ship without direction!

You have been with me since birth

You have saved me from much yet made me lose a lot then I can imagine!

Feel has become thinking!

Heart has become stone!

Wild is a definition of thought!

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