‘You know what you have done

You know it has only begun

Welcome My friend finally you are one of us’

Fear was never a worry

But it was our hearts who were wary of all

We pretend to be blind where we see truth

We presume on our life choices because that who we are

We live for tomorrow but we have no plans for it

I wasn’t mistaken to be a devil

I wasn’t mistaken to be a scavenger

I wasn’t mistaken to be a sinner

I wasn’t mistaken to be human

All I did is to be

And all I did was to become

And all I did is seek improvement

I see no light without you

I see no day without mist you cast in my sight

I see no night without your drowsiness

All you did is to be!

And all I did is to take you one each day

They say you belong to no one

They say you destroy lives

They say you destroy families

They never realized you came after all has happened

They never realized you never promised to fix what’s broken

They never asked how many lives have you saved

They never asked how many people manage to be, with you on their side

The day I am stranded you help me to feel something

The day I see death and devil to take me home you take my hand

The day I lost everything You looked after me

The day I cried you wiped my tears and gave me a mouth to talk

The day I was nothing you still were on my side

I shall devour you

I shall share you

I shall embrace you

I shall forever hold peace with you

I have never seen a hand of your creator

I have never thought you will be sold like this

You bring all the broken together’

You make it a safe space for us

You continue even today to support us

And all I have to say is I sleep better when you are around!