Man and Humanity often in feud!

Man and Self often in confusion!

Man and Reality often in denial!

Man and Fantasy often together!


We see it!

We hear!

We prey for the better us!

The slightest to the finest of humanity!

We strive and battle ourselves and selfs!

We move in different pace each step!

We dispute those who despise knowledge at all ends!

Aladin of this generation

Capone who sells and fights for truth



Thrive and Bribe!

for the truth, redemption, justice, understanding, peace, decentralized world and more.


The hollow hearts that only have acted upon their instinct, the only thing that saves them from this decaying world. The poor the forgotten, they have limited choices and decisions in this world only hunger drives them to act, and only motivation for the day is survival. Wake up, eat, walk, search, scavenge and o criminally insane.

This brought by the slavery of man by man. They have become the enemies and this created by their beliefs, introspection, perspectives, individualism and etc. This we should unlearn, this we should not condone.

I shall let alone end here as it destroys the peace I have with my works and designs!



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