Father I have sinned!

The World is coming apart because of me!

The world is crumbling down!

Power has lost control!

Peace is now chaos!

Love is now hate!


Father I have sinned!

I have seen the rise and set!

I have seen Life and Death!

I have seen Sanity and Insanity!

I have seen Light and Darkness!


Father, I have sinned as I choose to survive as the wicked are powerful, but yet I am wicked the eyes of others. Whom shall I blame for my instincts of survival but my genome?

I still wonder today if the choice is there for me to do good or bad, I still wonder if somethings are sheer coincidence or just a lost penny. Well, I see myself disintegrate in this dismantled society, where race, gender, sexuality, religion and ethnicity is an issue.

It has become clear that we are not learning but only revolving past issues in different parts of the world, localisation has become a key to destruction, and yet we close our eyes. Things are becoming not and people are becoming less aware of reality and facts, as a result of our own interest and world system. We seek truth but we refuse to question the beliefs we hold.

Humanity has become mediocre as we see that the spears of human suffering are shared by the vile, we see and hear about the end of times but it has been a topic of existence and the conscious for centuries, we have seen mass destruction in different eras yet we still practice self-infliction and destruction.

Collectivist and Individualist are blinded by their egos. We can live as a whole and singular, we embrace differentials among ourselves and accept one another and we can put aside business and but humanity on the market. Wholesomeness is a way of living, individualism can be a way of self-actualization in this system. The rain has poured on the Earth’s before, we have seen knowledge been withheld from others, we have seen a life taken from others and we have seen segregation been practised yet we still have cultures, religion, race and ethnicity. We seek war but not peace.


The sanity of humanity is a beyond measure, it is worth achieving. Human sanity is the world where different systems are applied to the states and societies for the benefit of the people not “ideas”. Ideas I say, this are what we see important in this materialistic world things like businesses, companies, money, clothes and etc. We are dying while breathing. The moment you were born your future was set for you, by your ancestors and parents past it was set by the history of the world and the wealthy self-centered bastards who lost their way, and yet you set your own by choosing side whereas you can choose all at once for peace.


Yesterday slavery was about ethnicity and race, today it is about social class. Yet we see the world as fair when things are good for us and the way around if their unbearable.

We can become one and whole at once. We Can have Socialism, Communism and capitalism at once in different sectors and fields where necessary and we can become also democratic where necessary. But through a great and thorough strategy, we can make the extraordinary. Where the benefits of the people are equal and the others without benefiting more than the others. Where we have the only pure system that ensures the quality well-being.


Unfortunately, we live in the world where people are uncivilised, were we think in masses in matters we aren’t supposed to. We are guided by mere instincts and self-interest motives, we are only meant to self-destruct out of love and hate.

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