Road to Self Betterment





Starring through the window won’t help but it will make you a better person as you have a good introspection, the time to evaluate your actions and decisions. One thing that can keep you going is becoming a better self but what does it mean a better self? It simply means adjusting your objectives, schedule, behavior and personality.


Betterment is not becoming better with your environment and your experiences it means you become more responsive to the environment in the right manner and the thought through decisions and actions, it means you have to take everything into consideration, for example; if entering new relationship of any kind you have to have certain traits for it to work, but if you don’t consider the prerequisite you might also be likely to fail. So it wise of you to build relationships even the ones that seem ridiculous or stupid because they all have different things to offer, and again you don’t have to be a friend of anyone just simple basic relationship will do. How does this make you be better in relationships? Well, first of all, it teaches you things you never thought they are required to think about when you were about to enter a relationship.


This is a tough task to accomplish as you have to break some other rules you have set for yourself and the environment you are from, it means you giving up your beliefs and world view and this will be a hard task as unlearning is one of the hardest things to do considering our societies beliefs and influences on our choices as for behavior. In order for you to say I have improved you have to see the difference but is it an improvement if you don’t see the difference? Well, it is an improvement you are not aware of and how are you going to be able to use those new set of skills if you don’t know about them? So improvement requires one to evaluate and appreciate, it requires one to face the odds and admit defeat but not a loss. It seems like a stupid idea to change your ways and very useless but what if I told you that you are not the same very person you are when at home, school, college and etc. This tells you that you have already done it ones and you may be conscious or unconscious about it but this tells you that you have seen the need for it and it is now having some benefits to it.


Seeking better situations it will always be a thirst and you cannot be in a very absolute and perfect place but for one thing I have learnt is that we do not entirely out of control of this events and states, we have some kind of influence but this influence you have it has been influenced by the way of life around you so all you have to do is ask questions and seek answers in different places. Question each belief you encounter as well as you hold you shall see some other situations aren’t physically, spiritually or even mentally bound as this realization comes to your conscious it will make you see the world in a different manner and new set of cope mechanism and betterment mechanism will be revealed as you will see those different situations require a certain approach but it doesn’t mean each situation is entirely unique.


In each thing we do we have to be realistic and not to judge things in one way or the other but it means being open minded to different systems and suggestions, but also not doing what seems to be extremely nonsensical I know it’s ironic in way for me to say this but since when does the river flow up the slope?. ‘We shall see that the world is a very sad place’ say’s the pessimist, “Well everything shall come to pass and I will conquer” says the optimist and a realist ask as he act upon it “Well I know it’s a sad place, and you shall conquer but what is required to make it better and how shall we conquer?”, so we can see that the three have the different views of the world and three of them might not have had good times but they have all necessary traits to become better. As we see a pessimist sees the worst and he/she can show us the horrors of the world and situations and as for the optimist sees the bad but choose not be weakened by it, and our realist sees the worst and also not weakened as he acts upon what is wrong in different manners as he considers everything that is in relation to the problem.


Well I have come to this point where I can say “One cannot be a better judge of a situation, but the many as one can become a better judge” I mean that if you consider others views and opinions you might just also realize what you missed, and also you shall see which flaws in your beliefs and personality and your better wish will for you to become something which is not possessed with this flaws but a thing that doesn’t let is flaws come in a way. My conclusion is you are not entirely responsible for your being and in other to become better you have to see different perspectives of you and the world and evaluate and act. At the end, we are all broken within and we must stop being in rush to be freed from our miseries as you might do the greatest damages to yourself in the process.


Pick up that stupid magazine, book, movie, music and etc. You shall see the world through different eyes as you ask questions why and how, as the answers are different you shall choose to think otherwise of your belief but after a proper research and understanding.
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