I have been altered enough Running while covered in frost! Now I am here please give me something Something I can hold on to Something that I can give my life to Something that will give me a reason to go on!   I will not break yet!


The asset The last resort The last sort is it true? Is it last sort or resort?   This end is much destructive It is something cannot think of It is something you cannot wish for someone    


See! Feel! Smell!   To see but not to be seen! To feel but not to be felt! To smell but not to be smelt! The infringement of ones soul The hole that cannot be filled   You! You! Reminder of Self Reminder that I am losing You remind me of my weakness Weak to … More Normalities!

Stone Inbalance

“Hope you have seen there is a new path”   It crawls and creeps And never thought it’s for keeps With all its crustiness and crispiness, You have found your way in this mess Seeing it’s not believing Feeling it’s not insurance   Water broke but you stood still Mountains shuttered but firm you stood … More Stone Inbalance