The final destination of man The final step to ever take Yet they don’t understand ‘why?’ With it comes clarity! With it comes peace to one self!   It takes but never gives! It ensure secrets are kept forever! It spreads and yet it cannot be seen It has been hear since the begging of … More Exit!

The Bud

The fire within The fire without The fade away in the same way the have lit   Oceans cry and beast fry Fires consume us as we cry Love is pain  


The Eaters The magnitude of understanding Evil is what perks each corner! Good is what lacks!   The seas have devoured the living The oceans cherish lost treasures But great assets have their own minds They live to be used The are just sheep! Man!   Man is good! Man is terrible! But who shall … More Eaters!

The Creeper

The shallow waters Swallow’s the great man They could’ve never thought of it They could’ve never known The great liar The great deceiver The great serpent   Man One thing you cannot change One thing you cannot depend on One thing  that can change your heart Who did you chose to become? a monster or … More The Creeper


The day is new The habits are Old The day is new The hunger have prolonged for years The day is new But  now you only can move on   We hear them scream We see the burn We hear them crying   In the end we knew this is a new day A new … More Reborn!!