Do or don’t


Well in my years before varsity I always thought that reading and productivity come before hand but sadly it doesn’t happen in a way we think, things come light before the university start and we tend to dwell in leisure than in work/schedule. Only the few can stick to their guns and that is very hard to do for most of the people well considering their personality traits and other things but I have heard some people say it is easy to stick to your schedule but I think their wrong to an extent because people like me who loves random schedule filled with fun and exploration inside our head we tend to be in doors for new type of music, books, movies and other activities which offer new information and different pleasure. People like me love going outdoors and play different kinds of sport and do new activities with people who have great charismatic personalities.

Sticking to schedule can be hard and it is hard for most people I have met, unlike people like me who love random schedules and driven by self inspiration to write or inspiration from any of the arts which are mainly given by great minds and talents. interest can help you stick to your plans or goals but sometimes they can be distractions because you might have passions but which are different from your interest and they might clash and drown one another. The thing is you have to know when to do and when to stop, when to start and where and when to end because at the end of the day you must have solid ground to your life so that you can cover your expenses and be able to live life to greater expansions. Having a solid grounds means considering your personality and ones country’s economic class and evaluate your chances of succeeding regarding that information as you start to pursue your career choice.

The thing is varsity isn’t about the education on how hard it is, it’s about transforming yourself and molding yourself to become a great version of you. It is about making yourself happy as well as making it to the other side of life “The independence” and being able to push yourself to make more of yourself and being able to be able to stand and say I have worked my ass hard for this, but unfortunately some times we can’t stand the varsity or college life because of our backgrounds mostly financial backgrounds, and this is a problem for almost every one which is a hard and sad truth for the many.


So my advise is do whats best for yourself, just be selfish sometimes in life say the wrong words to some of the people and you might find out you have done the right thing for you but mostly you must be able ad-hear others people opinions with an open mind attitude. This time try to do things which will make you stick to the schedule and move away from fads, be more resilient no matter how things seem to be more pleasureful or pleasing because in the end its not about being happy and energetic everyday, its about sacrificing happy days and pleasure for better future and better tomorrow!

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