The blogger(pt.8)


The night is young and 26 years old man have no interest going out but he notices some of the neighbours are preparing themselves to go out. Richard is standing on his porch and observing the streets, this time around he is feeling great than ever this one of his brightest days ever but no one knows except him but he careless of what the crowds think of him rather those he care about.

Well, all man face problems but for him, he sees his life is nothing but circles of curses and bad-luck yet he seems to live through his days with nothing but hope that he see the other side of the mountain but the slope isn’t easy to face. he knows that he know he is a good person but he usually asked himself “Who is good? And who is bad?” and he always believed that all man are capable of good and bad deeds, but the driving factors behind these is events of life and the environment. He had a vision that the world could be better placed where humans live in harmony and with nothing but kindness and love, but he also saw why the world is the way it is and knew that some of the things had to happen as he thought a supreme being have given a test to humanity to see how willing are they to give love to one another even to himself but through the years he has experienced most of the hardest moment he seem to have no question or answer to the existence of God.

“Well Sir I believe that every person has their own perspectives on whether God exist or not but to me I believe that God exist but without any religious perspectives or philosophies” the argument taking place on national television. “Mrs Laure I think we as this generation think without any doubt that he exist to and extent of religion and if you say that God has no part in religion then you say in an advance that man created their idea of God?” Richard goes in the house to watch the argument, “Well Sir all man have thoughts and all man have ideas but what matters is whose idea is better and if I say God, unfortunately, God isn’t an idea as he exist……………” he interrupts, “Sorry Ma’am but you seem to have lost the context of the question aah……….” She interrupts, “Sis hear me out please, let me finish my answer. As I was saying that you cannot say God is an idea and religion in result is not an idea, religion is a ‘belief in’ this means they believe God exist and they worship this being, my discretion to religion simply is that they worship and think they have communication to the Creator and this seems to be the problem throughout because we have 11 basic religions in the world with differ philosophies, so the question is ‘which one is true?’ to me the answer is none and ……..” he switches off the TV and walks upstairs to go to sleep.


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