Do or don’t

  Well in my years before varsity I always thought that reading and productivity come before hand but sadly it doesn’t happen in a way we think, things come light before the university start and we tend to dwell in leisure than in work/schedule. Only the few can stick to their guns and that is … More Do or don’t


Remember you only can see yourself You know what you are standing here you know they might not be tomorrow You know I can’t hear you You Know I could be you but I’m not You see me but I cab’t see you I recognize the face so vacant and pale I know you know … More Mirror!


To know and see but not to be seen! To give but not to receive! To hold not to be held! To carry but not to be carried! To Tell but not be told!   Only you can know how you feel inside Only you can can be hurt Only can be lost in the … More Be!

The blogger(pt.8)

The night is young and 26 years old man have no interest going out but he notices some of the neighbours are preparing themselves to go out. Richard is standing on his porch and observing the streets, this time around he is feeling great than ever this one of his brightest days ever but no … More The blogger(pt.8)

Human Sanity

I was beginning to think I have lost my mind, because shadows surround me all awhile and I couldn’t seem to reach my destination. The shallow seas swallow the unimagined Who else would have imagined? We have lost sense of purpose Who would have thought soullessly? The route has changed but the circumstances are towering … More Human Sanity