The are times we think we are immune to pain but never really think about it

and we never thought we could be touched by no one

but in the end we see how wrong we were

life holds unbearable experience for each an everyone of us

and sometimes we don’t lose ourself’s we lose those we love

and you hear the news you never thought you’d hear at that day and all you could ever do is to be strong

but pain demands to felt and so the pain of losing a person who made your world mean something it is unimaginably terrible

when rain hits the streets you think of the days when they gave you something to wear and thee smile on their faces

the love that they gave to you

and you realize that tomorrow is coming and you will have live each second without their presence

but people do not see you the way they did

you will never get a chance to say goodbye or see them again

you just have to live through each seconds.


And in the end there is that there is, and all that you are

and you know what you hide from the masses and you know you have been lying to yourself when you made the promise to never cry or mourn.

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