KING 810-Trauma model

The Band from United States, Michigan(Flint)


A child sits alone and listens to his mother cry about how she wants to die because she cannot provide
and her children sleep together because its so cold outside and she don’t know that he hears her but she keeps him up all night
and his sisters will be mothers like her
and his brothers absent fathers like theirs
hll grow up to shoot some men so in turn hll get shot back
my bullet wounds start to ache i predict rain

and thats pain
a child laid alone couldn’t sleep shed toss and turn fidgety and finicky like the skin she was in burned
and her father had to teach her what a mother only should and it took her further than any college degree could but it was just no good
what the boy liked the most was the way she never let it show
and since he found her body he just sits out on the coast
all alone with the oceans moan skipping stones with her ghost…

and thats pain

its the motherf*ckin bogeyman
I drop to my knees and pray that i can change my ways
I’ve been watching people die since i was a boy
my own life don’t even matter to me imagine how i feel about yours
growing up just means a game where two kids fight over a weapon and the loser is slain
you best be man enough to squeeze the gun right in his heart because his head won’t always get it done

and thats pain

pain ain’t the scars or the cuts pain is when you know you’re not enough
pain is possessing no trust pain is when you don’t feel what you touch
pain ain’t shooting a man dead its afterward what happens in your head
pain is when you never ever scare and you see and hear things that aren’t there.

Most of times when I listen to heavy metal I experience emotions I cannot express and I seem to let the Bands express them for me as I fantasize, but this time is different. This time I can feel it creep through my bones and mind.

The name “King 810”  when pops out I seem to pay attention to the speaker because this band has shown us that some of our struggles are shared, but what is important from this band it is the atmosphere the take you to, the message the send and the philosophies they have written for you.

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