The Reincarnation of Truth


The soulless body of the dying fetus, how can it be that a fetus cannot have a soul but it is a living thing? How can it be that we hate what we don’t understand and protect what we think we understand? Things deserve to be giving a fair chance, even the dead were the living. Devotion has taken more from us than we have taken from it and we give ourselves meaningless love, and judge things from that you choose to give a chance or not. We cannot assume that all things might be the same or are the same, there is always a chance to everything that it might be rotten or good, even a lovely peach can be rotten inside.
Probability seem to be the most valuable thing in life but the fear of taking a risk it is the one that pushes us to make most of the choices, but the problem is some of the choices we take aren’t from the greatest evaluation and we seem to forget that we must evaluate the data we have so that we take choices we want.

In terms of love mostly we choose our partners based on looks, economic class and their reputation according to the latest trend, and I can tell you that most good relationships are built from good structure of understanding, by this I mean you have to know the following about the person you choose, you have to know their values and morals, they have certain features for a relationship, for instance, a person who often has too many exes’s have history of cheating their partners and some have made horrible choices in choosing their partners. The problems which are common by people who choose wrong people is that mostly they have a specific type of a person they want to date and they do opposite activities daily that mostly attract people she/he is not looking for, which might be the case with you now or they could have problems related to personality disorders or some other disorders that might be the course, and again it might be not the person who is at fault but her/his dates.

The world is run by choices and every day we have to make up our minds about things and this can be influenced by factors or surroundings such as community we live in, social groups and economic class these things affect your opinions and choices in everyday life. The problem is since the world revolves around the internet and false information is mostly shown on the internet for advertising purposes and other things such being exposed to a certain type of social groups may or will affect the outcome of you choices, and a false information is provided without sources, and most people believe this without any questioned asked, they only ask questions if it seems to counter-play or attack their world view or personal interest. Even if their wrong, today’s generation seem to be obligated to protect their own views even if their obscure and foolish they defend themselves regardless of the situation and they fail to learn a lot and see the truth because they do not want to explore and get out of their comfort zones, research has found that the number of book readers has dropped but in different age groups and years by different factors (which can be found on the web Statistic Brain). Now the question is what type of books do they read, I mean what sort of intellectual growth do they obtain or are this books so simple enough to be understood to them they do not find a need to read more difficult books? Because reading difficult books increases your vocabulary and gives you competitive and critical thinking but we misunderstand as people we think if the book seem to be difficult or boring it is not what you are supposed to be reading, but we forget that at first day at pre-school you found drawing/writing the letter ‘a’ was one of the difficult things and today we seem to know how to write it with no difficulties( Some people can do it blindfolded), what I’m saying is you mind will adjust to this new boring difficult level and when it does it will grasp things you never thought you’d understand( and you will find yourself explaining everything you seem to need to be explained to people and I mean everything), you will find yourself puzzling subjects that didn’t seem to be related before and now you will think you are the next Einstein. So when you become more aware of things you start to appreciate many things in life and things become better than before, you start by appreciating music such as classical opera, vernacular music and classic and metal to jazz. Suddenly art is part of you movies you watch seem to have greater meaning than before rather just watching kisses, thrill or even action now you understand concepts and the philosophy behind everything. At the end of the day you start to become a better person and you grow gratitude, morale and self-awareness and this thing will help you make better choices and you will have more different interpretation of things and religion won’t be too difficult not you now will understand most of the things and be able to questions some aspects of particular religion you follow and even if you don’t follow religion.

This is simply a way of showing that it matters what you read and watch every day, and thinking you know doesn’t mean you know it simply means it is an opinion. The truth is scholars might be wrong but it better to follow theirs works because they have collected data and managed to come up with working theories and inventions, so reading might help you see the roots of problems rather than speculating that demons are attacking you or you have been cursed. Reading will help you see in the greater view and suddenly you will be able to be a better judge of things. Books you read matter and history of those people and were they graduated or studied matter and for novels (fiction, fantasy and etc.) it goes with creativity and intellectualism, and good novelist are great readers and artists but for the rest it matters where he/she studied and what degree does the person have or if the person has some sort of recognition from scholars society, or people like me who just decide to read many books and attend lecture part time so we can write thing like this(more like good and real journalism haha).

Choices you make matter and it will contribute to next generation falls and rises even if the choices you made are minor it will still affect some else’s life and it doesn’t matter if their close or far away from you matters.

So my conclusion is you are part of the cause and effect with the contribution of changing possibilities of events that may happen or not.

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