Times were changing it was time for reconciliation and honesty Times were changing and we can hear sound at range the sun was at its brightest and the flowers were much more appealing everything is okay yet there is something missing is this it? well i can feel my heart get drawn closer the atmosphere … More Well


The are times we think we are immune to pain but never really think about it and we never thought we could be touched by no one but in the end we see how wrong we were life holds unbearable experience for each an everyone of us and sometimes we don’t lose ourself’s we lose … More Seconds


The poetry behind the lyrics! Play Here! Lock eyes like we’re staring down the barrel of a shotgun Appear so quickly Leave as swiftly as you came Sometimes I wish I had the measure of a wise man But I set the mood, plant the tomb and bury all the bones within It sure is … More Periphery(Band)

The Sage

The dust of fallen stars as dusk strikes the earth’s this is the cries of dying son’s of Cain The bleeding hearts of nations as the man pierce through you chest to reach for your soul   Sense of dawn is much more hoy now you see the truth truth that we aren’t living in … More The Sage


Dusk descended and all I saw was light And people were crying and I was rejoicing The earth opend and then came red light, there I go forth and witness the wild flames of hell and war The time was clear but the people wished it wasn’t I bowed and vowed to torture humans to … More Ill!


The best friends you could ever have ! The most loving and loyal species you can find on earth, they will be on your side forever till death and also good for you health.