The Blogger pt.7 (Strider)

“What do you fear most? Because I can see that there is something wrong”, He sighs and silence strikes as it awaits for an answer.

Moments later she giggles out of vacant feeling she has, and replies with a confidential voice “Well I always feared losing people and things I care about, I can’t seem to accept loss” she smile and starts to play with her fingers, “but things have found their way out of my life and now I just live with this strange feeling as if I have hole right inside my bosom and I can’t seem to fill it, now I just live with it there as if its normal but sometimes I just know it’s not. And aaaah I can feel myself lose a breath each day and sometimes it is too much to take the next break and I feel revealed when I take my hand to my neck and choke a bit” she giggles and looks at the man. “I don’t find living miserable life each day fascinating it tires me up and worse it’s wrong to say it or feel like it, people think clothes, smile and love are all the things they need to get through each day but never been really be happy or be love. I seem to not know what is love when it’s given in return?, I always give and they only take but never give back for what it is worth and I mostly find myself at this end of the bargain and it destroys me to wake up each day pretending to be fine whereas there is not joy.” She looks up, as her chick bones and mouth convulse and a tears drops.

“Have you spoken about it to anyone? Someone close? , because you are not fine Claire it is not!” he takes her hand as he sits across the table wearing a brown coat with black rectangular spectacles, black her with pale skin.

She wipes off her tears with a piece of tissue she found in her pocket “I’m going to be fine Paul. We should get back to work now” as she stands and walks out office kitchen in her gray well-tailored suits.

Two hours later.

“Hello, this is Claire your prosecutor. I’m calling to tell you that I have more questions about the charges you pressed against Mr. Richard?” as she holds the documents.

Her tender voice through the phone suggest that she is still young in age, maybe mid-twenties “Yes Richard Donovan.”

“Okay I can see this man has been stalking you and broke in your house sometimes and claimed that he thought he saw bugler, so my question is that was there anything missing in the house or what?” as she put down the documents and take a clean piece of paper to write some notes.

“Aaah I don’t think he stole anything, but I can say that it was getting unsafe living with this kind of a person on our blog because the first time he did it was understandable. And this became so weird after realizing he always looked out the window to watch me play with the kids or go to work.”

She stops writing the notes and pays more attention to what the woman is saying “Sorry I know you have answered this questions before. So tell me what he exactly did………….”

The call continues for more than ten minutes.

Later that day she drives home after eight days after the argument with her husband, and she arrives home by 4pm of a summer day. And sees her husband’s car as he has not been around for days and she gets off the car from street parking lot and takes a walk through the lawn and takes a look at Richards house and doesn’t see him, she enters the house as the door is already open and sees the boxes filled with Stanley’s stuff. And Stan hears footsteps and gets down the stairs to check who it is. He encounters her and seemed little surprised wearing sky blue t-shirt with olive pants “I did not think you will be home early today, so I figured I should get my stuff before you get home” and she replies as she put the car keys on small table near the door “How long have you been here?”, he takes a tape on top of one of the boxes and starts to tape some boxes “well I think an hour or two, I don’t know. But don’t worry I’m leaving soon. Can I ask you something?”

As Claire clear answers “yes” as she goes to the kitchen to get water, Stan follows and ask her “Why didn’t you say anything? That you are not happy?”

She puts the glass down after drinking the whole water “Where you happy? Did you say anything about it?” as she walks past him heading upstairs. Stan shouts as he turns “Well I don’t know maybe we were both blinded by the need to be loved or something!”

“Well I gave my all Stan and I think if it has to end it has to end, you just have to live with the fact that it ended because of you” as she speaks from the other room

“Okay, Claire. I am taking my stuff out and we shall settle this in court or something I don’t know.” As he takes some of the boxes out to the car.

(End of part 7)

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