What is to be of you in the end? What is to be of you in the beginning? Does this tide carry us? or is it the creature beneath? I can see the sea creatures adore you! The end is never welcomed but the beginning always gave new opportunities do you choose to live or … More In-Grow


You took the knife out You said “It is fine” You pierced my skin to the soul You said it won’t take long luckily my soul had scars and i stood still and firm and you wondered how” “The devil doesn’t cry he rise” You ran and I forgave because even devil knows how hard … More Eel!!

One for all

Take me all the way Pull me under like all the devils do Is this your home? It seems to be a place for me to stay We stray As we pray Your shit is overrated!! You said i will be saved if i bow? But why am i falling? Why are you watching not … More One for all

The Hollow

    Dawn strikes and I am stolen by the beauty of it The sun rises and I can feel hope filling in Hope that gives purpose Hope which gives me a reason to live   I can feel the warmth of the dawns touch I can feel lost in this moment I have everything … More The Hollow