A plague of being

The world is changing over time and each minute we spend on it we learn new things about our surroundings, but unfortunately the world is not what it supposed to be.


Each day the are new opportunities but for who?  I take life as random events taking place influenced by our past decision and events at some fraction. This means each and every decision you take influences everyone in the world, it might be at the smallest fraction but it has an impact in the outcome.

We have seen, read, and talked about wars yet some were in the center of it all, us as humans we are at war with one another because we are driven by personal interest, greed, love, hate,mental disorders,race and by religious believes. This is not the first time you read about the causes of wars I assume, but this time is different. “Time heals everything” well I would love to that also but i would just say time only over prints events taking place and gives new routes to worse or better situation, and in my experience the society is degrading and we are killed by ignorance and collective consciousness polished by cooperation, how unfortunate that the world is becoming hell for the poor and heaven for the rich. This is a sign that we are at the end point of humanity as we see the media being flooded with hate and sexism, this is a problem we must ensure we fix as we overcome our habits and overthrow pride.

In 2015 a research (Article) was conducted to see how crime is influenced in America and it has been found that 47% of crime is by means of Racial discrimination in the United States of America, this is not the problem of now only as we have dealt with it for centuries as much as sexism.

This circumstances will continue world-wide for decades to come or even centuries because we live in the world ruled by standards and cooperations, and the most inducing factor to this all is Ignorance. Ignorance spreaded by the media,education( as the cooparatives have infuence in education) and politicians in the government (and more you can imagine), and this factors will continue if we choose to ignore them and say “someone will deal with it”.

We need structure as a society based on moral, ethics, parenting and proper education because most of us seem to lack this traits. But we can over come our differences as race, sex and classes in the society by simply writing new laws that would accommodate and benefit most of human population and establishing new environmental laws and starting to realise being overly rich is imoral and starting new ways of spreading wealth across the globe in a  fair way.



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