The Naked and Famous (In rolling waves)

Driven by passion they have achieved more we could ever imagine in the way they play instruments to give us the sensation of living second life, this is true art form by means of complex layers in the songs and the story mood they give us, and  more insight in the lyrics rather reading the lyrics raw. This band has provided the world with a good atmosphere for our ears to relax but our brains to appriaciate.

One of the extraordinary Pop-Electro to consider (Influenced more by Pop)


Gallantly rise
Strike spears of light
Inside my eyes
Over the fields
Where we believed
Our love had died

Be still

Roses of white
Blushing with life
Don’t pass me by
Whisper the needs
Quiet release
Fever in me

Head cases full
Rise out of you
Breaking in two
Let there be light
Golden inside
Dark was the night

Be still.

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