The blogger Pt.6


Well we all dreams, but do our dreams determine who we are or they are just there to motivate us to achieve at the least?

Stan walks into the bedroom wearing blue shorts and white vest, pale skin seeking for attention on the spot for everyone to see, how unfortunate that there is no audience to observe. He leans towards the drawer to take out his timer for running and at a glance he sees that sees that Claire is still sleeping ,”Claire! Up you are going to be late. And please can you please buy some dinner on your way back later.” He walks out as he is confident that she heard him. Claire turns over and takes a look at the alarm clock and sees that she is late at least to her own personal schedule. She seats at the side of a bad and looks at the floor with her hands on her forehead giving her support with hair covering the head and hands she sighs. She stands and walks down the stairs with no charisma or lively like attitude, as she enters the kitchen at sight sees the husband exiting with a back gate through a window and taking a rightward direction to a hill.

She seats stool next to a kitchen table and drinks the juice found on the table, near the juice box she takes her laptop and opens it to check for any E-mail updates. Then closes the laptop lid a few seconds later with an emotionless face and stands as she leaves the laptop there and goes upstairs for a shower. She enters a bedroom toilet room and takes her gown off and her brown golden skin is exposed and enters the shower and opens the tap, every drop that touched her skin seem to be heavier than the last and she couldn’t stand for long, the gravity becomes greater and everything seems to not matter, she seat in the shower and hiding her tear drops behind the heavy showers but forgetting some tears drops comes with their own cries. With no one to hear her she feels free to weeps while resting her head on the wall, how can one cry while happy? How can you weep if there is no problem? Who would believe such statement? She stands and comes out of a shower taking a towel to wipe off the water on her face and dries her skin so that she could get dressed. She takes her suit from the wardrobe as she puts it on to prepare herself for work.

She takes the keys from the refrigerator outside hook and walks out the house with a folder in her hand, as she exits she takes a look at the right and sees a man Richard drinking coffee again and looking at her direction through a window, she smiles and walks towards a car on the side of the road which was black in color. After entering the car she calls her manager’s secretary “Sera Tell Angela I won’t be able to make it today, and tell her all the things she will need I will e-mail them to you or her.” She fixes the car mirror as Sera replies “Claire I think you should come in today aaaaaah Angela won’t be in today so this means you are an active manager for today. And again she said something about you handling Johnson’s case?” Claire becomes excited by the thought of the case. She drives to work and arrives 15 minutes later and everyone seemed to be busy in their little cubicles, and goes to her working space and finds that the documents for Johnson’s case are there, and opens the and finds that the case might be simple as the case is about sexual harassment at workplace reported by Mr. Johnson. Claire calls Mr. Johnson to inform him that she will be taking the case and she will need all necessary information and witnesses or common victims in this matter and as they talk she sees the name Richard Scholme under the Johnsons documents, and takes it and goes to Sera to ask her about the documents as she arrives she puts the documents on the table, “Claire!” Sera smiles “you came and I were supposed to tell you about this but Angela said I should wait for you first to come to the office”, Claire she responds rudely, “You said she is not coming in today? But that’s not my problem why am I given this case, you know his is my neighbor right? …….” Sere interrupts “That’s why she gave you the case” as she takes on her glasses, then Claire takes the documents and goes to her cubicle, and she takes a seat as she reads the documents and at sight of the second document she seems surprised and shocked about she is seeing, things seem to be written in a way that she doubts her reading skills and her vocabulary. She calls a woman who pressed charges against him and informs her also that she will be taking the case, and she asks her few questions regarding the case and she doesn’t seem convinced about all the responses.

Hours later entering her house she has forgotten to get dinner and the husband is watching TV news and he seemed so tired also but he has already ordered pizza and eaten, and Claire realizing she is late again “Sorry Stan I tried arriving early today, Angela wasn’t around so I was an active manager and I had to work on new cases she assigned me to” as she stands at between the living room exit and hallway, Stan then responds facing the TV screen “Well I’m not surprised by those words. Maybe I should start using that phrase too.” Claire then walks upstairs frowning and she shouts “At least I do something with my time rather giving some yoga girls a gym session, maybe you should’ve have married someone with your standards because I can see clearly that I don’t!” as she takes off her shoes.
He responds angrily “Okay tell me babe, what exactly I should do with my life? It’s not like I have gone to law school like you at least have some decency of coming early and have dinner with your husband!”, she walks downstairs in pajamas and looks at him, you could see that hope is all gone and she has nothing more to say but she opens her mouth and says “I want a divorce” in lower voice, the husband is caught off guard and he looks at her surprised then he take the remote from the sofa he is sitting on and turns off the TV, “Is this how you feel? Or how you felt for the last months of our marriage? I don’t get it, Claire, why? Couples are meant to fight!” as he goes towards her and tries to hold her and she recoils the gesture “Couples don’t always fight and I know that I’m not the wife you wanted but at least I try my best to please you in anyhow, and you have been treating me like a disappointing child and it is not right for me not to ask how was my day at work or show any care or interest in me as your wife. I need that support from a husband even if things aren’t that great but I need you to stand by me and be able to apologize for your mistakes like I do, you always point a finger even if you must take a responsibilities for you mistakes and it is not fair for me to love and not be given love! It’s not fair Stanley” tears coming down the cheek and she walks upstairs to the bedroom and shuts the door.

He seats in the hallway near the stairs and with a tear in his eyes he realizes that he has not done his job well as a husband, but time has run out his is it he thinks.

End of part 6.


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