Insomniu(Death-Metal Band)


I have drunk the yearning,
Swallowed the flame in full,
And now I will bend the skies to my will.

Two eternities can never be so far part,
That I could not bridge them together.

„I hear the unsaid thoughts,
The silence throught the storm,
I speak without the words,
With unbound soul,
I’ll bring forth the Sun,
And hand over the moon,
I’ll hide the evening stars,
And fold them in your heart.“

I have touched the longing,
Breathed the wistful air,
If I wish, I will turn the winters to springs.

Throught the dust and fear,
I find the faintest light,
And I can see life,
Admist the death that wreaths us all.

Here at your feet,
I rest my head,
Hear the roar of time,
The birth of stars.

This is the gift of man,
The key to see it all,
The hidden wonders,
Hope in despair.

But only the few will find it,
Only the few will keep it,
Only the few will ever turn towards the Sun

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