A plague of being

The world is changing over time and each minute we spend on it we learn new things about our surroundings, but unfortunately the world is not what it supposed to be. Each day the are new opportunities but for who?  I take life as random events taking place influenced by our past decision and events … More A plague of being

The blogger Pt.6

Well we all dreams, but do our dreams determine who we are or they are just there to motivate us to achieve at the least? Stan walks into the bedroom wearing blue shorts and white vest, pale skin seeking for attention on the spot for everyone to see, how unfortunate that there is no audience … More The blogger Pt.6

The Blogger (Pt.5)

      The Blogger (Pt.5) Richard opens the door. “Hi, my name is Cindy. I’m here for Richard the Blogger”. With a smile on his face he lets Cindy in the house, he seem to have been waiting for this day. “Okay. So? Aaaaaah…………..” as he sits down on a white small couch near … More The Blogger (Pt.5)