The Blogger story (Pt.4)



“Hey wake up! Why are you still sleeping? We have to…….”



The eyes open and he check the time and it is 6:00am and only thirty minutes till the alarm sets off, he then looks to his right side of the bed as he is lying on his stomach and his wife is sleeping but she sensed that something was wrong but choose not to wake up, the husband stands as he puts sleepers on and goes to the kitchen to make milkshake and prepare breakfast for the wife. The kitchen is clean, last night was fun but he doesn’t feel like yesterday happened, he needs lotion and potion that can give him a reason to affiliate with his goals in life.

The alarm sets off the wife shuts in as the husband hears all of this go on in the other room, breakfast is ready to be devoured but not to be eaten. The wife comes down the stairs with blue shorts and purple vest, “Morning” she says with a smile and the husband barely hears as he is ocean deep with thought nothing but him exist. “Honey, what’s wrong?”

He face full of fear as he gets back from reality

“Sorry, I made breakfast today hope you like it”

“You never woke this early before? But it’s a good thing because you are getting out of shape” she smiles and then take a glass to pour herself a milkshake

“Babe? Do you think Richard is a good guy?”

“yeah. I think he is a great guy because clearly he joined us at dinner and I did not see anything wrong with him. Why do you ask? Is there something wrong?” she takes a bite of the bacon and toast.

“nothing is wrong, I just hate associating with the wrong group of people” he stands and take his digital timer and prepares for a run

She stands and goes to him, she whisper’s in his ear “Well do you think you made the wrong choice with me? As she bites the ear and holds his left arm and the to the chest.

He recoils and suddenly the atmosphere changes in the kitchen, the wife goes upstairs as she says no word as for the husband he walks out the house and faces a new dawn with a run.

After thirty minutes the wife is done with her shower, she checks the time it is 7:02 and the husband haven’t returned, she then decides to go for a walk in her dark blue sweat pants and blue windbreaker with nothing for support under it, she walks out the house and notice from a distance that Richard is standing behind his window and he does not notice her. She then takes a walk towards his house.

“Good morning Mrs. Browne!” as the young girls great her with big smiles.

“Hi, girls! How are you today? As she leans to them with a smile.

“Clara and I are fine!”

“Laura is having her birthday Friday can you come?” as Clara ask

She shows doubt in her face as the girls interrupt the thought

“Please………………………!’ both girls say

“I have to check my schedule first but for you two I will be there” as she smiles

“Thank you Mrs. B!” as the girls walks away in opposite direction.

She the notice that Richard has come out of the house, she the walks quickly before he can go back in the house.

“Hi” as she waves from distant

She now closes and she walks on his yard

“Hi” he responds “how was your night?”

“Well you know great because we had good dinner last night” as she looks down and pick up a blond doll

“That is not mine but I think the dog across the street brought it here, and again it was so nice of you for having me for dinner and probably the best I’ve ever had!. So where is your husband?”

“He took a morning run, but he will be back just by now” her face becomes disorientated and she give him the doll.

“Okay tell him I said hi! And one more thing if he doesn’t have anything to do today I’m planning to watch the game today ask him if he can join?” take the doll and throws it in the garbage can.

“I don’t think he can make it, but I can join since I’m the one who is free today” shrouds and smile to show him that she is suggesting it.

He laughs “well I think you should talk to him first”

He walks back in the house but Claire stands there and looks at him and smile at his back then she goes back to her house. She finds her husband showering, then tells him about her conversation with Richard and the husband seem to be interested in it and the game offer too.

“I think I will skip the gym today, they can manage without me don’t you think?” as he comes out the shower with a towel on.

“But they need a strong guy like you” she seems like she has just missed the bus to work.

“Don’t worry babe nothing would go wrong at the gym, I think I should also take a day off after a long week!” he walks past her and takes and shirt out of a drawer and pants.

“Okay I will see you later for dinner, I have to go to town and help my father prepare for tomorrow” she walks out the bedroom and down the stair so collect her car keys.


Time goes and it is 1:00pm the game is about to start within 15 minutes, Stan just arrived at Richard’s house, his face showed no emotion at all, they both take a sit in the living room white couch and the TV is on but no one says anything for a while, the Stan takes the remote from Richard’s hand as he points it to the TV and turns the volume off.

“Richard I don’t think you and I have a great history but you coming here and pretending to be Mr. Nice Guy isn’t going to walk! And I would love you to leave town!” as he faces the TV

Richard takes the remote from him and sets the volume to 20.

“Well I don’t think you have that kind of authority anymore, you came to my house and invited me to dinner, you are the one who poked me Old friend and I need what is mine back!”

“Look here I will give you the money you need and after that just leave!”

“How much?”

“Well hundred grand”

“I want half the money!”

“What? Why?”

“I got something in mind and I think I already paid myself the dues. Do you want beer?” goes to the kitchen

“Yeah. We still got a soccer game to watch right?”

“Okay, so tell me, man, why did you leave me there alone?”

“Richard! It wasn’t intentional, you know what happened I had to go back to her”

“She doesn’t know me Stan, why is that?” as he gives him the beer.

“Sorry man I thought after making those investments you wouldn’t want to do anything with me” opens the beer as he twists the cap.

“She beautiful and stop thinking for people. By the way, I forgave you long time ago” he looks at him as he takes a seat

“Thanks, man. Do you think I should tell her?”

“Well not today, some other time. She might have question you cannot answer”

“I think you are right, the first thing she will ask is why I didn’t say anything about your or the money” he takes a sip of beer.

“I think we agree then” he smiles

The both watch the game and they seem to enjoy it too.















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