The Blogger’s Story (Pt.3)

“Woman: I think we need to end this while we can

Man: wait!!”

Door bell rings

He wakes and stretches his arms across the room and yawns, puts the sleepers on and doorbells rings again.

Richard: I’m coming hold on just a sec!! (As he puts his glasses on)

Opens the door and yawns.

Man: sorry to wake you but the old lady across the street thought you might have…….. You know because of she hasn’t seen you in four days, so she asked me to check you out hope you won’t mind that?

Richard: Oooooh thanks for your concerns but I think I’m just doing fine!

Man: well my wife and I thought we should invite you tonight for dinner if you don’t have a tight schedule an……… (He interrupts him).

Richard: I will see what I can do, but I will have to check my schedule for today.

Man: okay thanks have a great day (as he turns to leave the porch).

Richard: by the way I’m Richard, but many call me Bob it’s a nickname.

Man: (stops walking and turns around) sorry where are my manners, I’m Stan (As they shake hands) and I’d love to call you Rich or Richie if only……… you don’t mind?

Richard: Okay you choose and I will accommodate.

Stan: okay see you later paw (walks off the porch).

Richard: sure thing.

He closes the door and the house is a mess.

“Can’t believe that I have to clean up”

Takes a turn to another room and takes a mug off the table and goes in the kitchen pretty much looked modern as white color dominated and the silver on the metal structure and the floor are made from a light brown stone ceramics that gave his kitchen a contemporary look. He puts it in a sink and opens both hot and cold water tap, then collects the scrubbers as he starts washing the dishes. Three hours later the house is clean, he checks the time and it is 2:00 pm Wednesday, summer time as the local kids go to summer schools some look for holiday jobs.

18:00 pm

He prepares for dinner after taking a long shower and he seemed to be worried but yet there is this burning desire within him that pushes him to go. Looks in the mirror as he puts a tie on and his face thin seemed so fragile with long brown hair, pale skin, and blue eyes. Puts the shoes on then and takes another look in the mirror and he smiles but within seconds the smile fades, he checks the time again for the last time and it’s almost 19:00 pm then he walks out the house with the phone in the left hand and the keys on the other. He takes a walk in the green neighborhood houses are far from one another about 90 meters apart, lights are few but they provide enough light for sight to recognize one another, he sees kids playing three houses away from him playing skips and takes long hard look at them as he is standing by the neighbors gate which is two houses away from his, but he needs to enter dinner is starting soon.

Rings a doorbell.

As the woman shouts.

Woman: Stan can you get the door please my hands are full.

Stan: okay babe

Richard hears footsteps coming towards the door and the door opens.

Stan: hey, how are you man? Come inside dinner is ready.

Richard: I’m great thanks for asking as well for inviting me for dinner.

Stan: it is nice to have you by bro. Babe Richie just arrived!

Woman: I’m coming down (As she walks down the stair)

Richard sees a blue dress and well-fixed body followed by the long dark skin arms after and hairs joins the scene and his attention isn’t what the man next to him is saying but it’s what his eyes tell him.

Stan: Richard this is Claire, and Claire this is Richard.

They walk into the dining room and Stan offers Richard a seat that is facing his wife and he sits on the right-hand site of Richard but at the table’s head seat. The room had a warm feeling, a room utilizes a crisp white and wood theme, separated from the parallel hallway by a black stone-clad fireplace. The dining table is illuminated with wire flow pendant lights.

Richard: you have a beautiful house and yet you seem to have simple lives (As he laughs).

Claire: thank you.

Richard: so guy’s what’s for dinner, I’m starving.

As they laugh.

Claire: aaaah we have pork and red meat here you shall choose, and some of the veggies, pasta and rice here.

Stan: and we got plenty of wine as well she forgot to mention

They take a good laugh with one another as if they have done this before.

Richard: pity I don’t drink water for dinner, I feel sorry for the wine.

Claire: so where do you come from Richard?

Richard: well I come from Sussex England but I lived here in states for a decade now and I love it here so far and especially this town of yours.

Stan: so you are English man? Interesting. Tell me what do you do for a living?

Richard: I used to direct short movies and music videos but I seem to love writing more so now I’m pursuing that dream, but I live by making sales for wholesalers to mini markets as well as starter up businesses. So you guys cannot just afford all this stuff, what do you do?

Stan: I’m an athlete and I wrote few books on health guides also a gym teacher.

Richard: that’s nice. What kind of an athlete?

Stan: I run for a living (smiles and take a bite of a red meat)

Claire: and I’m a cheerleader (as they all laugh), kidding I run a bar for our family and we just got few branches in the country and we kind of love it here, so yeah.

Stan: and she seems to have guts more than me hey! Running the bars with all wild guys in it!.

Richard: (smiles) you are the perfect match for me. By the way, I just moved in last week here and really for me its good town to stay and I think my mind is set now, I have come to my conclusion.

Stan: What brought you here? If it is not rude to ask.

Richard: aaaah Well (sighs), my grandfather just passed away and he was the only father I had, so yeah I decided to leave the house there with my little sister and get my own place and not to disturb my mother at her house too.

Claire: how old is she? Your sister?

Richard: she is a year and nine months younger than me, which is probably 28 years and I’m 30. So how did you two meet and when?

Stan: it’s simple, I were a state champ and she was a cheerleader and you know how cheerleaders love athletes, they cannot stand the physique!!

Ah they all laugh again

Claire: that is a total lie. We met at my dad’s Bar after him winning the gold medal, they were three of them there at the bar, I think it was him, Larry and Sam his friends and he was this handsome guy in the midst of ugliness (laughs and the tone changes as it becomes tender and gentle) he saw me at bar and he approached and they first thing he said was “do you buy what you sell?” and I thought to myself ‘how many different lines to hear a day and this is the worst’ but I replied “no” and he says “but you drink right?” and I replied “yes” and he says “ sell me a drink and I will buy it for you to drink after work because you cannot obviously buy what you sell and drink while in duty, and again only you will be stealing from yourself by buying what you sell” and that response changed my mind not because he is handsome but he does not push his luck so much and he seemed so relaxed, and again he speaks what makes him-him.

Stan: and she replied “no” and then said “tonight I have to work extra hours” but still gave me her numbers.

Richard: mmmm nice simple story you got.

Stan: yeah I know.


The dinner continued and all seemed to enjoy the night and all shall be well for all of them.

(That is all for today folks.)



















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