The Blogger’s Story(Pt2)

  • He has become what he does not wish to be, what is it that bother him? Nobody seemed to know but he knew what was in his mind, and he fears that  wouldn’t like or love the thought he is willing to offer the readers. Bob has a thought but the thought is hard to express, it is hard to put in words but he thinks he can try.

Bob starring at a view through a window with a cup of coffee and cigarette, with his glasses on making him look like he is ready to write but his eyes do not deceive another’s eyes as they showed dawn has caught up with him and rest wasn’t his option the previous day, now it is time he thought to put first post with substance in it for the readers to read and the bloggers to follow. He walks towards the computer after three days of not posting nor writing, he then but the cigarette out as he tossed it on the wooden floor and stepd on it with left boot. He put the cup of coffee on the working table and the smoke coming out of mug as if he has not done smoking yet, he then sit down in front of his computer then touches a mouse pad to give it life, as he waits he takes another sip on the coffee and now he seemed more alive, now he seemed to be so sure of his own thought.

Tap tap tap………click click click……….

As the buttons were pressed.

‘We often ask the question “why?” But we are not mostly happy with the response, we get to keep secrets hidden for purpose but it doesn’t mean it is for the greater good only but also the are kept to hurt others or to keep them guessing, are some stories worth to be told? Let the question be asked. The history of man shows us that the world is built on secrets and we often dig for the truth but now we dig but those who buried this truth seem tohave done their homework, the world still have and always will have secrets and it matters who do we share them with and who do we hide it from because at the end we get to live with our own lies and secrets, we get so much comfortable with them that is has become our norm…………’

He types more, and it is not only coming from the mind but now the heart it is involved.

“Why is he writing? Why does he fear to right this only? Why we ask he seem to be concerned with the world’s secrets?”

To be continued……..(pt3 shall be longer for the readers amusement and for the better foundation on the Blogger’s Story)😄

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