The Blogger Story

“Hi everyone my name is Bob, and this is my first time blogging I hope that my upcoming posts will tempt you to like my post and follow my blog as well!”


The story of Bob the blogger by Matthews Masia

Bob spends time reading and making research on almost anything he feels like investigating and reading, he has spent three hours today replying to the comments from a single person who has seen his first post.

Bob stands to get 500ml of coke from the refrigerator and he opens it as he returns to the computer seat, put’s it on his right-hand side and he starts to read another comment.

“_LittleDream : We have new bloggers each day and they think it is easy to blog about things that matter in life and have many as followers as they can, but my advice to you is that you should put more effort and focus on blogging and ensure that you post as much as you can but each post should come up with its own top standard keep people interested.

NewsAngent :   Thanks Ld,  and I’d love to hear more from you, and I think you can really help me through the baby steps :>…………. and I will consider your pieces of advice highly.

LittleDream :  ; ) don’t stress about it I would love to see your first real post.

NewsAgent : Sure thing soon ; ).”

He the closes the lid of the Computer and go to sleep as he got to read more and also write on his readings on the following day, and yet he does not know what to read or to write about tomorrow but he lets time make choices for him.


To be continued…………………………………………………….



‘I hope you’d stick and hear more from Bob’



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